Sunday Afternoon with Charles J Hall

As we mentioned at the end of our interview Charles James Hall will be speaking at the Palace Station Hotel & Casino, 2411 West Sahara Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada on Sunday 11th February 2018.

The event starts at 1pm local time and is scheduled until 5pm. Advance tickets will cost $35.00 or $40.00 on the day if spaces are still available.

More details can be found on the flyer below and you can visit to submit any questions you have for Charles before the event.

It promises to be a very interesting talk with Charles discussing his experiences at Indian Springs Gunnery Range in depth.


The Dyatlov Pass Incident, 1959

The Dyatlov Pass Incident is one of the more mysterious events in the alternative community so we asked writer Simon Bradley who had no prior knowledge of the event to examine the evidence and draw his conclusions…

In January 1959, ten young experienced hikers left the relative comforts of the town of Sverdlovsk, and headed across snow-covered country to Mount Otorten in the northern Urals. One member had to turn back through illness but the remaining nine never made it and their badly damaged tent was finally found on February 27th. Five bodies in various states of undress were found nearby. The four remaining bodies weren’t found until a thaw two months later. Some of the bodies had unexplainable injuries and despite an increasing number of theories the causes of their death has never been determined.

So what happened on the slopes of Kholat Syakhl on the night of 2nd February 1959? Let’s find out…

Dyatlov Group tent is discovered
The tent of the Dyatlov group was discovered slashed, from the inside. via Wikimedia


“I didn’t know a single thing about the incident that took place on the eastern slopes of Kholat Syakhl, or the ‘Mountain of the Dead’, in the Northern Russian Urals in early 1959. What happened to nine accomplished winter hikers just 16 km from their Mount Otorten goal, in an area made so notorious by events that it’s subsequently been named after the expedition’s doomed leader Igor Dyatlov?

Whilst chewing the story over and embarking on some background research I was, perhaps due to the similarly sub-zero nature of the tragic events, drawn to the tale of polar explorer Captain Robert Falcon Scott whose heartbreaking demise in 1912, and that of his team, is eloquently yet harrowingly described in his Sledging Journals liberated from that final camp a year later. The fact that no comparable testimonies from any of the nine victims of Dyatlov Pass were made shows, at the outset, that their deaths were hardly something they expected: they were enthusiastic diarists up to the night of 1st February.

Let’s just take a minute to establish Mount Otorten’s location. Like anywhere in Siberia the distances involved are awe-inspiring. Situated in the northern province of Sverdlovsk Oblast it’s approximately 2,100km north east of Moscow, 550km or so north of Yekaterinberg, the nearest town of any size, and over 50km into the wilderness from the team’s ultimate starting point, the frozen hamlet of Vizhay. At 1,234m it’s not even as tall as Britain’s loftiest peak, Ben Nevis, but no doubt contributing to the mystery of the unfolding events, ‘otorten’, in the local Mansi people’s language, apparently translates as ‘don’t go there’…

Full the full article read the magazine here.

The Celestial Snow White

Snow White ©Dmitrii Kotin/

Author Ralph Ellis takes on a cosmic journey to explore the celestial origins of a most beloved fairy tale.

The fairy tale of Snow White was written by the Brothers Grimm during the mid 19th Century, and like all of their fables it was written as a parable and therefore infused with layers of hidden meaning. The Brothers Grimm were not simply storytellers, they were academics, lexicographers and linguists who were deeply immersed in historical and cultural research. They not only knew of the literary usage of the Gospel parable and the Talmudic pesher, they wanted to emulate these tried and tested techniques. And the deliberately cryptic nature of the Gospel parables is made perfectly clear by Jesus himself, when he says:

“The disciples came to Jesus and said: Why do you speak in parables? He answered: Because it is given unto you to know the mysteries of the kingdom of heaven, but to them it is not given… Therefore I speak to them in parables, because they seeing see not and hearing they hear not, not do they understand.” Matthew 13:10-13

During their research into German language and culture the Brothers Grimm came across many Pagan folk tales that appeared to contain similar hidden meanings, and they were determined to preserve them for future generations. They even included heretical stories about New Testament events – the kind of heretical elements that have been explored in The King Jesus Trilogy. Surprisingly, the innocent-sounding Snow White (or The Magic Mirror) was one of these heretical stories. This story not only contained cosmic and astrological elements but, just like Rapunzel, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty, it also contained distinct Gospel overtones.

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The Piri Reis Map

Depressing as it sounds, somewhere an ego-inflated millennial in a suit is sitting in a clinical non-descript office, drawing up a marketing plan for the next topic everyone will be talking about. Drumming up a storm so people can #this and #that just for online clicks and giggles and the projected explosion of social media sheep.

The conscious mainstream exposure of President Trump’s favourite mot d’année – and Collins Dictionary Word of the Year – ‘fake news’, has seen bloggers and media alike create, sorry, report the news they think we should be paying attention to. From global election interference, rocket launches from pantomime villains or the latest airbrushed duck-faced selfie from any member of the Kardashian clan, we’re being told what’s important. The fringe community is no different. Commentators, researchers and ‘insiders’ alike keen to latch on to the latest topic and suddenly everyone is an expert screaming “Hey, look at me!”

One of the more curious stories that the all-knowing continually refer is that of a 500 year old Turkish map which, they say, shows Antarctica as a tropical paradise rather than a frozen wasteland. In the first of a regular series our old friend Doug McKay sticks his size 12s in and says enough is enough.


“Being your typical irate Scotsman I naturally have many a bug to bear. Apart from the obvious political grudges this ranges from smartphone obsessed numpties and their Instagram-filtered selfies, to those cretins who think the world is flat. Aye, that’s right, I went there. I don’t do social media, at all, and the only reason I have email is so I don’t have to buy stamps. My Nokia mobile phone is over ten years old, but it works, and that’s fine by me. So when I was asked by this magazine’s illustrious editor to “pick a fight” we discussed a couple of things. One thing jumped out at me straight away – The Piri Reis map. For those of you who have never heard of the cursed thing we’ll start with a wee history lesson….”

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Forbidden Archaeology

In 1996, a book was released that posed serious questions about the history of the human race. The book was called Forbidden Archaeology: The Hidden History of the Human Race and was written by Michael Cremo and Dr. Richard L Thompson. Within it’s pages was the hypothesis that modern man, Homo Sapiens, was not just tens of thousands years old but could possibly be millions of years old! This theory proposed that modern-type humans would have lived alongside our supposed ape ancestors rather than be descended from them.

Examining long-forgotten evidence of Victorian-era discoveries, which went totally against the accepted Darwinian theories of the time, the book spanned over 900 pages and certainly ruffled a few feathers in mainstream academia and civilised anthropology. Now, more than twenty years later and with a follow-up currently being written, we spoke to author Michael Cremo to ask why that same mainstream academia continues to ignore that evidence and has yet to answer many of the questions raised – although they do seem to be getting closer.

The remains of Java Man, discovered in Indonesia in the 1890s. Thought to date around 800,000 years. © Peter Mass via Commons Wikimedia

SOYM: How would you define the term ‘Forbidden Archaeology’?

Michael Cremo: By “Forbidden Archaeology” I mean archeological discoveries that are dismissed by mainstream scientists. Primarily because they show the existence of humans, like us, predating the mainstream scientific consensus regarding the first appearance of modern humans nearly 200,000 years ago.


For the full interview read the magazine here…

Charles James Hall

Charles James Hall, is a man with an interesting tale to tell. Having enlisted in the United States Air Force in 1964, a mix up in his orders saw him posted to … Air Force base in Nevada. Once there, being a qualified weather observer, he was required to man a station in the desert hills at nearby Indian Springs Gunnery ranges providing information to the Testing ground. It was during this time he had a number of encounters which would change his life forever. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet.

Following a stint of more than two years at Nellis AFB, Charles served during the Vietnam war before receiving an honourable discharge and marrying Marie, his wife of nearly 50 years, on the proviso that he enrolled in college. It was while successfully studying for a Bachelor’s Degree in Thermal Physics and a Masters in Applied Nuclear Physics, at San Diego State University, that Charles decided to relate his Indian Springs experiences to his new wife, who surprisingly, was rather nonchalant about it.

When Charles started to write his memoirs as a future gift for his grandchildren, Marie discovered what he’d been writing and encouraged him to publish them in a series of books called Millennial Hospitality. Their subsequent release saw Charles become a household name and sought after guest on a number of radio and TV shows. Speaking to Charles, we asked him about the Millennial Hospitality series, more specifically the race of extra terrestrial humanoids known as ‘the Tall Whites’ that he encountered while stationed in the Indian Springs desert.


SOYM: You were based at Nellis Air Force base, Nevada, near what is now known as Area 51, how did you get that post?

Charles Hall: It is interesting to recall the mistakes made, which resulted in my being sent to Weather Observation school in the first place. I was under consideration for Radio Intercept Analysis school (spy school 101) as a result of my scoring on a number of tests given to new recruits.  This generated two sets of orders, one for RIA locked in a safe, and, the “cover” for Weather Observer training, in the ordinary assignment file. On the day I went to collect my orders, the officer who knew about the RIA orders, was absent from his desk, and, the person manning the desk, not privy to the special assignment, gave me the “cover” orders. When the mistake was noticed, the Pentagon, not wanting to waste my projected “talent”, decided the best use of me, after Weather school, would be to send me to Nellis. I can only guess they already had plans to have my duty take place on the Indian Springs gunnery ranges.

SOYM: What was your first interaction with the ‘Tall Whites’?

CH: My first interaction with the Tall Whites, was not so much “inter”, as merely noticing they had come into my barracks alone at night; an experience which caused me to question whether what I was seeing, could be real. In the experiences that followed I saw them with military personnel on several occasions.


Read the full interview in the magazine here…

Nick Pope

Nick Pope has been in the UK media a lot recently, talking about conspiracy theories. You can almost sense the tired resignation in the printed words as once more he’s asked about the existence of Nibiru or Planet X by an increasingly unimaginative UK tabloid press. And when he’s not replying to journalist after sniggering journalist trying to make sense of tin-foil hat topics, he can be found embroiled in social media battles debating followers of that great medieval fantasy – flat earth theory – when he’s not being mistaken for a Premier League goalkeeper anyway.

Nick Pope 2

Now a resident of the US state of Arizona, Nick Pope left the MOD in 2006 after a distinguished service spanning over two decades. But in 1993, a couple of years into a new post, the advent of a certain UFO and conspiracy-themed tv-show suddenly propelled Nick in to the media spotlight. The unexpected popularity of The X-Files saw the MoD inundated with requests for information regarding whether UFO files existed in their archives. Pope was given the unofficial designated role of press liaison which subsequently earned him the public nickname ‘the real Fox Mulder’. We spoke to Nick about his MoD career, his writing and his contribution to the release of the UK’s UFO files into the public.

SOYM: When did you first join the MoD?

Nick Pope: I joined the Ministry of Defence in 1985 and served there for 21 years, in a number of different postings, at increasingly senior grades as my career progressed. I was assigned to the MoD’s UFO project in 1991 and held this position until 1994, when I was promoted to the next grade up. Before being assigned to this position I had no interest in UFOs and no particular beliefs on the subject. To me, it was just another government job – albeit a bizarre and fascinating one!

To read the full interview read the magazine here…

The Welsh Triangle

David Davies was just your average pupil at Broad Haven Primary School, but on 4th February 1977, while out playing football in the school field, a glint of silver in the nearby trees caught his eye and caused him to stop and watch. He described seeing a cigar shaped craft rising then descending behind some nearby trees. He wasn’t the only one either, other play mates also saw the object but by the time one of them had run in to the school to fetch a teacher, it had gone. The headmaster at the time, Ralph Llewellyn, sat the children down inside and under exam conditions, asked them to draw what they had seen. Each picture showed a variation of a semi-elliptical craft with a red flashing light on top of a small raised dome, while some pictures even had a silver-suited occupant descending from the craft.

Estimates of the size averaged around 45ft long. The story made the national news and even the famous John Craven’s Newsround a popular children’s television programme. Hugh Turnbull of the local Western Telegraph was first on the scene to talk to the pupils along with local vet Randall James Pugh who knew some of the children. They also took a look at the area where the children had said the craft had landed but the ground was extremely muddy and there was no way of distinguishing if anything had landed. They did notice however that a nearby telegraph pole had been damaged near the top, the metal cross-T-piece bent out of shape. Sceptics claimed that the children had just seen a helicopter or a chrome tanker from the local sewage plant not far from the school, however upon checking the plant said no tankers arrived that day. Turnbull then justified that by remarking that “these are children from a farming background, they know what a tanker looks like.” One of the school teachers, Mrs Morgan, disclosed that she too had seen the craft out of the window followed by a little whirlwind of dust that came across the playground as it ascended.

We got in touch with Peter Paget, author of the book The Welsh Triangle, who spent a lot of time in the area following the incident for further information. He spoke to children at the school in the playing field, 200 yards from where the craft had been spotted. David Davies, Michael Webb, Tudor Jones, Paul Williams, David Ward, Philip Rees and Shaun Garrison all recalled seeing a silvery coloured disc with an occupant holding some sort of camera-sized object. Headmaster Llewellyn told Peter that although personally he was sceptical of such craft himself there was no reason to believe that the children had conspired to produce a “sustained, sophisticated hoax”. As it transpired it wasn’t the only sighting in the area as Peter soon found out.

For the rest of the feature read the magazine here…