Charles James Hall

Charles James Hall, is a man with an interesting tale to tell. Having enlisted in the United States Air Force in 1964, a mix up in his orders saw him posted to … Air Force base in Nevada. Once there, being a qualified weather observer, he was required to man a station in the desert hills at nearby Indian Springs Gunnery ranges providing information to the Testing ground. It was during this time he had a number of encounters which would change his life forever. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves just yet.

Following a stint of more than two years at Nellis AFB, Charles served during the Vietnam war before receiving an honourable discharge and marrying Marie, his wife of nearly 50 years, on the proviso that he enrolled in college. It was while successfully studying for a Bachelor’s Degree in Thermal Physics and a Masters in Applied Nuclear Physics, at San Diego State University, that Charles decided to relate his Indian Springs experiences to his new wife, who surprisingly, was rather nonchalant about it.

When Charles started to write his memoirs as a future gift for his grandchildren, Marie discovered what he’d been writing and encouraged him to publish them in a series of books called Millennial Hospitality. Their subsequent release saw Charles become a household name and sought after guest on a number of radio and TV shows. Speaking to Charles, we asked him about the Millennial Hospitality series, more specifically the race of extra terrestrial humanoids known as ‘the Tall Whites’ that he encountered while stationed in the Indian Springs desert.


SOYM: You were based at Nellis Air Force base, Nevada, near what is now known as Area 51, how did you get that post?

Charles Hall: It is interesting to recall the mistakes made, which resulted in my being sent to Weather Observation school in the first place. I was under consideration for Radio Intercept Analysis school (spy school 101) as a result of my scoring on a number of tests given to new recruits.  This generated two sets of orders, one for RIA locked in a safe, and, the “cover” for Weather Observer training, in the ordinary assignment file. On the day I went to collect my orders, the officer who knew about the RIA orders, was absent from his desk, and, the person manning the desk, not privy to the special assignment, gave me the “cover” orders. When the mistake was noticed, the Pentagon, not wanting to waste my projected “talent”, decided the best use of me, after Weather school, would be to send me to Nellis. I can only guess they already had plans to have my duty take place on the Indian Springs gunnery ranges.

SOYM: What was your first interaction with the ‘Tall Whites’?

CH: My first interaction with the Tall Whites, was not so much “inter”, as merely noticing they had come into my barracks alone at night; an experience which caused me to question whether what I was seeing, could be real. In the experiences that followed I saw them with military personnel on several occasions.


Read the full interview in the magazine here…

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