UFOs Over Italy

On the surface many reported eye witness accounts of UFOs seem to be isolated to the United States but there are as many reported sightings worldwide. Thanks to Philip Mantle of Flying Disk press over the next few issues we will feature excerpts from the latest releases in their UFO’s Over… series. The first case is from Italy and happened a mere fifty days following the infamous Kenneth Arnold sighting of nine boomerang shaped craft near Mt Rainier, Washington and was recounted by a distinguished Milanese painter and writer.


Originally published in Italian UFO magazine Clypeus (so-called due to the similarity of UFOs to the bronze shields used by Roman solderis) the following translation was undertaken by Flying Saucer Review editor Gordon Creighton and first appeared in 1966. It has recently been prominently featured in the book UFOs Over Italy by Roberto Pinotti.

The author of this account (now deceased) was a well-known Italian painter and writer who lived in Milan. His science fiction book “C’era una volta un Pianeta…” (Once Upon A Time There Was A Planet…) and its sequel “Quando ero Aborigeno” (When I Was An Aboriginal) were published by Mondadori in Milan. The subject of both was the exodus to Earth of advanced human-like inhabitants from a fifth planet from the Sun (between Mars and Jupiter) just before its explosion due to an atomic war and their mating, before their extinction, with Neanderthal hominids producing a new hybrid species: Homo Sapiens. Readers will have to form their own opinions as to whether the following account by Professor Luigi Rapuzzi (aka L.R. Johannis) is the report of a real experience destined to inspire his science fiction books as he later said and to anticipate the “Ancient Astronauts” theory.

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James Gilliland

Three decades ago James Gilliland found his field of dreams, an idyllic ranch outside of Trout Lake, Washington under the shadow of the highly mysterious and spiritually active Mount Adams. If you’ve never heard of it then we recommend you do a little bit of research. What happens at ECETI (short for Enlightened Contact with ExtraTerrestrial Intelligence) is the stuff of legend in UFO circles. With the imposing Mount Adams standing like some kind of sentinel over the ranch, and pine tree forests and the White Salmon River also bordering the grounds it may possibly be the best campsite in the world. But don’t expect to turn up unannounced and get a spot, there’s a reservation system which keeps numbers down to a minimum and ensures that guests aren’t the kind looking for a festival type experience. The ranch operates a strict alcohol and drug-free policy and for good reason. There’ll be so much going on you’ll need your faculties to be as sharp as possible in order to process it all. James Gilliland  himself is affable and softly spoken, full of the kind of wisdom that if taken on board is nothing but beneficial. He is a best-selling author, internationally known lecturer, has ‘died’ more than once and has experienced more multi-dimensional interactions than he can remember. Raised in the high desert close to Giant Rock near Landers, California – the location of the legendary contactee George Van Tassell conventions which went on for nearly 25 years. Speaking to us late last year as he and his team were closing up and securing the ranch up for the winter, he recalls watching Ralph Ring and Otis Carr build and test their Nikola Tesla inspired ‘flying saucers’ in the 1950s. Ships that used a pair of counter-rotating metal plates, spinning electromagnets and capacitors large enough to generate some sort of lift. Of course it wasn’t long before their experiments drew  the wrong kind of official attention and the FBI shut them down.

Before James was born, his dad had actually witnessed an extraterrestrial craft land on a highway, in New Mexico, he was driving. Unsurprisingly, the unannounced landing stopped the small amount traffic for quite some time. Predictably, someone got out of his car, fixing to fire his gun at the craft but was dissuaded by Gilliland Snr. When the craft finally departed the gathered ensemble of travellers ‘woke’ to find themselves back inside their cars, whereas most had remembered being out of their vehicles.

When he was 5 years old James had a severe case of bronchial pneumonia. While is hospital he remembers being visisted woman, dressed in blue, who kept coming to him, stroking his head and comforting him. Not so unusual you might think but James recalls quite clearly. “All the other women wore green in the hospital. This woman gave me a substance to eat, it had a consistency like ice cream but it wasn’t cold. I didn’t get sick after that, it was amazing” so who was this mysterious Nurse Nightingale? “I found out later that she’s a universal being called Mary, like the Catholic Mother Mary. She came to me and I’ve had a very close connection with this being all throughout my life…

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The Culross Witch Haters

Culross on the West coast of Fife, in Scotland, is typical of the old sea towns and villages spread up and down the coastline. Traditional narrow streets, are lined by old stonebuilt 3-400 year old houses  with remarkably small doorways – the theory being the bigger the doorway, the more you had to heat the house! There’s always a proud Parish standing tall in these little fishing villages as there is one here, an Abbey formerly run by monks but incorporated into a parish during the reformation of 1560 under the English monarch Henry VIII.

Culross also has a Tollbooth, built in 1625, which governed the four square miles that held the population when Culross was a rich busy haven of a place. It once had 50 salt pan houses down by the beach, houses designed for the extracting of seawater then boiling it down in huge metal pans. Once boiled dry, the sea salt could be scrapped into bags and used to cure fish in barrels. It was a costly process, taking about 5 tonnes of coal to make 1 tonne of salt, but having a prosperous coal mine in the little town everything depended on each other to profit! The fishermen needed salt, the salt needed coal and the coal had to be dug out from the mine. Jobs for all!

With a population of around 600 in 1625, the Tollbooth was built to show a high status community at large. It had a council chamber for its Baillie’s (magistrates) and a jail… but the year the Tollbooth was built was the year tragedy visited Culross and everything collapsed in on itself…

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Out Of Body Experiences

We’ve all had those dreams that give us the feeling of being just a little too real. You know the ones, you’re running away from a hidden threat, the common flying or falling sensations with a subtle undercurrent of unease attached or you might just be wading through a Salvador Dali painting. But, what if those dreams weren’t strictly dreams? Consider this fact – you may have actually left your physical body and travelled to the astral plane to experience something your are ordinarily unable to accomplish. It’s not that big a stretch of the imagination, not really. Back in August 2016 the Daily Express newspaper in the UK reported on a team of Swedish neuroscientists at the Karolinska Institutet that proved the existence of out of body experiences which you can read here.

Now consider this – what if you were subconsciously accessing past memories? Future memories even, that’s possible? Or perhaps you found a way to unify yourself with the consciousness of one of your  many ‘other selves’? These are among the experiences of veteran OBE’er Preston Dennett. A man who has learned to control the actions of his astral body and can use it to fly above the streets and houses, stretch like Inspector Gadget, permeate solid objects and walk through walls, and even move into other dimensional spaces where he converses with spirit guides, long-dead relatives and higher dimensional entities. It’s all very fascinating so we got in touch with Preston to find out what kind of experiences he’s had, what’s involved in the actual process of leaving your body behind and if anybody, given time, can learn how to quiet their mind enough and go for a wander.

SOYM: What is your background with OBE’s?

Preston Dennett: I began researching OBEs in 1986, following the death of my mother. Intrigued by the idea of going out-of-body, I started by reading all the material I could find and attempting the exercises as outlined in the literature. To my shock, I soon became lucid in the dream-state and began having OBEs. Delighted by my success, I continued until I had many enlightening experiences in the out-of-body state. Today, it is a major part of my spiritual life and has profoundly affected my life in the physical world. I have written a book on the subject, Out-of-Body Exploring: A Beginner’s Approach, and teach workshops on the subject.

SOYM: How would you describe the feeling of your first out of body experience?

PD: I had many confusing pre-lucid, false-awakening dreams before I had my first actual OBE. These including waking up to find myself blind, unable to move and experiencing weird sensations such as twisting or heaviness. I had read about this so I knew I was close. I’ll never forget my first actual experience. I suddenly woke up to find myself standing next to my bed. I realized that I was out-of-body and that my physical body was lying in bed right next to me.

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The Art Of Erik Stitt

We first became aware of the art of Erik Stitt while flicking through our long neglected Twitter feed. It was just one of those mornings and we were taking advantage of a reflective few minutes, seeing what’s going on in the world, when this image flashed before our eyes, and we stopped flicking. In truth, all movements stopped. What we saw was a UFO hurling it’s way over a scene of beautiful white horse breakers and we were entranced. Minutes later further investigation led us to the Fade To Black radio Facebook fan page, from there we found Erik Stitt’s website and his portfolio on the premier digital art hub deviantart.com.

When compared to some of the bad 3D CGI composite art, figure rendering and digital facial tracing that pollutes the world wide interweb, we were blown away. The attention to detail, the intricacy, the vibrancy, and a feeling that what we were looking at almost seemed familiar, but not in a ‘saw it on TV’ kind of familiar.

We knew we had to speak to Erik and it wasn’t long until we discovered that there was a lot more to Erik than meets the digitally airbrushed eye.

SOYM: Reading up on your background it turns out you are an experiencer, what age did that start?

Erik Stitt: It’s really hard to say. My earliest memory of contact was when I was still a baby lying in a bassinette but through my own research, my own self exploration and kind of riffing off of others who have had similar experiences I’ve come to my own personal conclusion. It’s good for me not to try to convince anyone else of what happened. It’s all related and tied together as kind of a singular pan-experiential phenomenon. Anything that seems remotely paranormal like poltergeists, ghosts, cryptids, UFOs, aliens, all of that, I kind of put it all in one kind of category that resonates in the same spot like mine.

SOYM: So you’re looking at it as more of a multi-dimensional experience rather than these beings are coming from light years away to visit Earth?

ES: I’m not much of an nuts and bolts guy so I can’t really find any evidence from my own research that corroborates with what I experience because it doesn’t behave and it has never behaved as something that would be considered a physical incident. That just doesn’t really jive with what I witnessed multiple times, although that isn’t to say that it isn’t that. I have nothing conclusive there. I just kind of have to go by intuition on that but it sure doesn’t feel like technology. Tech doesn’t feel it just gives you a show. But this feels, there is an intelligence and an energy about it that you pick up while having the experiences.

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A Confirmation Of The Phenomenon

All is not running as smoothly as planned in the halls of To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences, the UFO disclosure campaign headed by former Blink-182 frontman Tom DeLonge. From the initial trumpets surrounding the announcement of the project and invitation to invest back in October 2017, this was quickly followed by a guarded sceptism as critics questioned a millionaire rock star asking for money? But for the most part, the noises from the established UFO community were encouraging.

Then came what was, briefly, the crowning moment, the announcement that seemed to be the reason for the existence of TTSA. The Pentagon admitted in national mainstream press that the CIA had spent $22million dollars investigating unidentified aeriel phenomena under the guise of a project called AATIP (Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program). The initial report from the New York Times saw newspaper sales and web traffic increase to incredible levels as the general public lapped up this ground breaking information. The rest of the world’s media followed suit of course, keen to cash in on what TTSA hoped would be the disclosure we’ve all been waiting for. And for a while that’s how it looked.

Former CIA officer and member of the AATIP program, Luis Elizondo, had become the new public face for TTSA and was paraded in front of the press to discuss what he knew about the program and what TTSA was working on. However, rumblings had already started in some quarters. The fact that Elizondo was a former Pentagon official and therefore part of the long-established enemy of truth and disclosure didn’t sit right with some people. Neither did the Intelligence backgrounds of some of the members of the project. It was all beginning to smell a bit like a CIA psy-op. A new infiltration program in a UFO community so desperate for the acknowledgement of extraterrestrials and their intelligently controlled craft from Government officials that they would seemingly lap up anything if it came from ‘confirmed’ sources.

When evidence came out suggesting the released gun-camera videos may not be all they were cracked up to be, and the fact that it was discovered an image used in the October presentation to depict a UFO seen from the USS Nimitz in 2004 was in fact a mylar balloon it quickly turned in to the undignified defeat of roshambo for TTSA. For the most part, the UFO community is pretty smart. Sure, there have been moments when the wheels have come off but is now really time to cast off dispersions about the most notorious of alphabet agencies and offer an olive branch – albeit on the end of a rather long barge pole? Tom DeLonge once remarked on CoastToCoast AM “it’s time for the UFO community to see these people are heroes, not the enemy.” or words to that effect. Who knows? After the mistakes of the past it’s going to take one helluva video to get some people back on side, but I want you to remember this. To The Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences brought the UFO question front and centre to the pages of the world’s mainstream media, not many can claim that honour.

Paul Budding puts forward his argument in support of the work done by To The Stars Academy…

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John DeSouza

It’s true, John DeSouza worked for ‘The Man’. A former FBI Special Agent, he worked for the Bureau for 25 years in counter terrorism, held top secret security clearances and worked in the violent crimes division, not that dissimilar to former MoD man Nick Pope. There is one stark difference though. Whereas Mr Pope nailed his colours to the mast and remains an open-minded sceptical believer in the UFO phenomenon, John DeSouza actively sought out the paranormal side of investigations when all other avenues had been exhausted. This work resulted in a handful of books to date detailing some of the less straight-forward cases the self confessed X-Man encountered during his time with the Bureau, and it’s those cases which have captured the imagination of the alternative community, even if he doesn’t believe E.T. is real – not in a physical sense anyway.

SOYM: You had a UFO experience when you were a child, is that right?

John DeSouza: Oh yes I talk about it in my book The Extradimensionals. When I was about ten years old I had an observation experience. I was with my family in New York City, we were at a party of some kind with hundreds of people, and it was really late at night. Me and a bunch of other little kids found each other and just kind of spilled out into the night at about 1am and we were just playing out in street. Something happened, I fell down and got hurt and the rest of the kids took off as they are prone to do and went back to the party. I was left there alone on the sidewalk just staring up between these two tall buildings. It was a very starry beautiful night and there appeared to be a dark spot where stars should be visible, like a large black ink cloud. And I stared up at that black ink cloud and from the bottom of it came spotlights, well what appeared to be spotlights, and then this old fashioned disk UFO came out from the bottom of that thing and began to approach me. I got hit by a blue-greenish spotlight, coiuld feel it going through me. As I was observing this thing, two young girls appeared on my left and they were screaming and hugging each other looking up at the same thing I was and one of them yelled at me “Little boy run home! The world might be ending!”

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Jeremy Corbell

Jeremy Kenyon Lockyer Corbell was 13 years old when he heard a radio broadcast by news reporter George Knapp that would change his whole perception of life, the universe and everything. That broadcast related the story of a young scientist by the name of Bob Lazar who had done a local Las Vegas new TV news report with the same George Knapp in 1989 divulging information about a highly classified US Government project he’d been working on at a nearby secret facility at Papoose Lake in Nevada.

“It was pretty fascinating.” Jeremy reveals. “I was deep in to martial arts, doing jujitsu, at that time and I had never heard anything like Lazar described, the propulsion system you know. At the time I was under the impression propulsion is traditional force – you push something out the back, you move forward – so the concept of bending time/space and falling into a pocket somewhere in space was absolutely fascinating to me.”

“The whole reason we know about Area 51 and the S-4 facility is really because of Bob Lazar and that interview which continues to be broadcast around the world today on multiple formats. It is unbelievable the way that his story, whether people believe it or not, has influenced our popular culture.”

“There were were always rumours that Lazar was some Government agent of disinformation but by spreading that, if the plan was to get public eyes off of what was going on out at Area 51, what happened was the absolute opposite. It became sort of a UFO Disneyland as people came from all over the world to witness these advanced craft flying into space.”

Bob Lazar admitted in those interviews he knew the timetable of these ‘flight-tests’ so he would often take friends to a nearby ridge and watch the show, including the highly decorated former USAF pilot John Lear…

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Linda Moulton Howe

If you’re familiar with the world of ufology then will undoubtedly know that the name belongs to one of the most tenacious and widely respected investigative reporters in the UFO community. Her work on the subject of animal mutilations spans nearly four decades and she has volumes and volumes of material, all meticulously researched, which has appeared in four books and in report form on her vitally important website earthfiles.com

Having successfully completed a Masters Degree in Communications at Stanford University in California in 1968, Linda started her career as a street reporter for KNBC LA. As her reputation increased she was given a producer role for a series of documentaries examining the environment, medicine and political issues in California. From there she moved to Denver, Colorado via Boston, Massachusetts. In Denver Linda was hired to produce documentary films, live studio programs and news segments for the CBS station on all matters affecting the state of Colorado. Linda picks up her story.

“In the summer of 1979 media headline’s started surfacing around the state of Colorado say something along the lines of ‘More Animal Mutilations’ – ‘Mutilations Again’. I had always lived on the East or West coast of the United States so I was not familiar with these stories and I immediately wanted to find out what was going on. So I began an investigation in September of 1979 that you could say has extended to this day.”

“It took nine months working 18 hours a day without a single break. Travelling with my television crew we were away for a month solid visiting ranchers, law enforcement and talking to other reporters.” explains Linda. The resulting footage was a 90 minute special called A Strange Harvest which was first broadcast on CBS on May 25th in 1980 from 8 to 9:30 p.m. around Colorado and the surrounding states. “We shot several thousands of feet of double system film and the highlight for me in many ways was right at the beginning with a sheriff, Tex Graves. He had been a sheriff in Logan County Colorado for 23 years and he had just retired when I went up to see him. He knew my work and when he laid out 266 colour Polaroids he had personally taken in his investigations of animal mutilations, for the very first time I began to understand why the phrase ‘bloodless’ had been repeated over and over in television radio and the newspapers. Polaroids are really not hoaxable and these 266 showed animals with the same patterns of excision.”

“There would be an ear removed at the skull, in a perfect circle about an inch and a half or two inches in diameter. Then there would be a perfect three to four inch diameter circle taken of the hide extending into the forehead. A perfect circle. The eyeball would be removed as well as the eye lids and then the lower jaw usually would be stripped of flesh down to clean bone. I reached out to veterinarians and pathologists and universities, anybody that I could get to help me investigate these cases.

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