A Confirmation Of The Phenomenon

All is not running as smoothly as planned in the halls of To The Stars Academy of Arts and Sciences, the UFO disclosure campaign headed by former Blink-182 frontman Tom DeLonge. From the initial trumpets surrounding the announcement of the project and invitation to invest back in October 2017, this was quickly followed by a guarded sceptism as critics questioned a millionaire rock star asking for money? But for the most part, the noises from the established UFO community were encouraging.

Then came what was, briefly, the crowning moment, the announcement that seemed to be the reason for the existence of TTSA. The Pentagon admitted in national mainstream press that the CIA had spent $22million dollars investigating unidentified aeriel phenomena under the guise of a project called AATIP (Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program). The initial report from the New York Times saw newspaper sales and web traffic increase to incredible levels as the general public lapped up this ground breaking information. The rest of the world’s media followed suit of course, keen to cash in on what TTSA hoped would be the disclosure we’ve all been waiting for. And for a while that’s how it looked.

Former CIA officer and member of the AATIP program, Luis Elizondo, had become the new public face for TTSA and was paraded in front of the press to discuss what he knew about the program and what TTSA was working on. However, rumblings had already started in some quarters. The fact that Elizondo was a former Pentagon official and therefore part of the long-established enemy of truth and disclosure didn’t sit right with some people. Neither did the Intelligence backgrounds of some of the members of the project. It was all beginning to smell a bit like a CIA psy-op. A new infiltration program in a UFO community so desperate for the acknowledgement of extraterrestrials and their intelligently controlled craft from Government officials that they would seemingly lap up anything if it came from ‘confirmed’ sources.

When evidence came out suggesting the released gun-camera videos may not be all they were cracked up to be, and the fact that it was discovered an image used in the October presentation to depict a UFO seen from the USS Nimitz in 2004 was in fact a mylar balloon it quickly turned in to the undignified defeat of roshambo for TTSA. For the most part, the UFO community is pretty smart. Sure, there have been moments when the wheels have come off but is now really time to cast off dispersions about the most notorious of alphabet agencies and offer an olive branch – albeit on the end of a rather long barge pole? Tom DeLonge once remarked on CoastToCoast AM “it’s time for the UFO community to see these people are heroes, not the enemy.” or words to that effect. Who knows? After the mistakes of the past it’s going to take one helluva video to get some people back on side, but I want you to remember this. To The Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences brought the UFO question front and centre to the pages of the world’s mainstream media, not many can claim that honour.

Paul Budding puts forward his argument in support of the work done by To The Stars Academy…

To read the rest of the feature click here…


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