Irish Flood Myths

Enjoy this extra bit from Barry Fitzgerald as we discuss flood myths in Ireland.



SOYM: Have you ever seen any records of flood myths from Ireland?

BF: Going through the manuscripts, I don’t recall anything like that. Funnily enough, recently there was mention of a comet in 562AD and 536AD, which say the skies darkened for 18 months. But it’s funny that you should mention this flood aspect, because there was research that was being done by a university in Adelaide, Australia and what they wanted to see the influence of DNA in all the different tribes throughout Europe and, of course, the East that were having an influence within our own present-day DNA. They were very successful in what they did, however the people that built the chambers – who we would expect to be in our DNA – are not there, and they can’t understand why. Something happened about 2600BC when, suddenly, they disappeared. 

Now, we do have their remains and things like that, of course; I’m not saying that suddenly this race literally disappeared –  we do have their skeletal remains – but they’re not part of our DNA and there’s a huge mystery about this now. The Australians are getting knee-deep into the possible reasons why there was this sudden shift in our DNA.

SOYM: That sounds kind of familiar along the lines of reported ET intervention around that time. Isn’t that the period when the Egyptian civilisation suddenly exploded?

BF: That’s correct, yes.

SOYM: Could it be tied into the legend of Hy-Brasil?

BF: Well, Hy-Brasil was one of those legends that we wanted to look at. The Irish Geological Society conducted a scan of the Porcupine Ridge, which runs along our west coast on the Atlantic Ocean. Looking at the old maps that displayed Hy-Brasil and also, I should add, another island that’s not readily talked about called Demar that appeared on maps along with Hy-Brasil. Now, looking at this scan taken about three years ago,  suddenly there are two things on the ocean bed that are strategically placed… that are remarkably similar to Hy-Brasil and Demar and they’re 200 feet under the ocean. So I ended up going to the Irish Geological Society and I spoke to the guys there. I said: “Look, you did the scan and this is what you recorded. I have a copy of the scan here.’ And they said: ‘What’s that?’ pointing to what the old map, of course, said was Hy-Brasil. I explained what I was doing and everything else, and I was curious to know, if this was an island, how did they know that was there, 200 feet under the ocean? They said that it was probably just a coral mound. And I said: ‘Hold on a second, there… you said ‘probably’…’ And I asked if there was anyone else there who could give another opinion to back this up, and another person came out and said: ‘It’s probably just an underwater volcano’. So, we’d gone from a coral mount to an underwater volcano under the ethos of ‘probably’.

So, what I can say is that they do match the old maps. So there is something there that would warrant more investigation and, who knows, maybe in the next year or so I can be out in the Atlantic Ocean on an Irish ship sending down a submersible, because I have no intention of going down there personally!

SOYM: 200ft? Don’t blame you. What’s the furthest depth you’ve dived?

BF: Oh my goodness, ten meters and that was enough for me!

SOYM: There was a map that contained an island taken from the voyage of St Brendan. Again, it doesn’t appear on any modern maps

BF: Yeah. I think the last mentions of Hy-Brasil on maps was The Rock, which was… I think 1864, something like that, that said there was something that was seen out there, but nothing has been ever seen since.

SOYM: So it could be like an Atlantean Krakatoa…

BF: It could well be! All I can say is, what I saw on the maps matched the ancient maps. So there is something there that does warrant a little bit more investigation. As I say, the old legends… there tends to be a spark in there and I’m very curious to know how they knew that those possible mounds, if that’s what they were referring to… how did they know they were there? They’re so far down in the ocean. Is it possible that there was a landslip and suddenly that part went under the water? The experts told me that that particular region has been stable for thousands of years, and within the following week we got a 2.5 earthquake under the same area. And I thought: ‘Well, it’s not so stable now!’ It was interesting that there is something there that does seem to indicate a connection to the old stories of Hy-Brasil.


To read the interview with Barry click here.

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