Welcome to the website accompanying a new bi-monthly online magazine Shadows of Your Mind. The website is in continuous development so please bear with us as we upload content from the magazine. At first the site will feature excerpts form the magazine and we encourage you to read the full magazine on www.issuu.com.

Shadows Of Your Mind magazine is aimed squarely at the novice ufologist, the armchair archaeologist and the generally curious. A magazine dedicated to those standing on the precipice of the rabbit-hole, unsure whether to free fall like Alice or back slowly away, fearing whatever it is down there or indeed what may come up from below. We don’t blame you in the slightest if it’s the latter, we once stood exactly where you are.

It just feels right to be launching this magazine at this particular moment in time. There was something deep inside us that kept screaming “DO IT! DO IT NOW! COME ON!” with a Schwarzenegger accent – and who are we to argue with Arnold? There’s been a perceptible increase in global consciousness. People are slowly becoming aware to the fact that there is something more to life than feeling your IQ drop in front of the television and smartphone watching mind numbing talk shows and the endless plague of vacuous ‘reality’ celebrities.

And that’s what the title itself refers to, the dark hidden corners of the subconscious that recognises there is a vast amount of information hidden just out of view. Our hope is that Shadows… will act as the catalyst that fires up the synapses and instigates further personal investigation, wherever it may take you. Believe us when we say this is your introduction into a fantastic world of hitherto unknown knowledge.

We hope you enjoy the magazine, packed with great interviews and features. So take those first steps in to a wider world of alternative research, consciousness, the paranormal and ufology, and don’t be afraid to get involved.

Join us on Twitter, Facebook and elsewhere, write to us and suggest a feature or even write one for us! But, most importantly of all, don’t be afraid to talk about your interests with others.

7 thoughts on “About

  1. Katie Ede


    How could someone like myself, a history grad who has more of a passion for alternative history etc, get involved in a magazine / journal like yours?

    Looking for advice if anyone has the time…. I write and research well but no idea how I could cross over into journalism / writing about ancient civilisations and archaeology etc.

    Any advice would be much appreciated though.

    Many thanks,



    1. we are looking into a producing regular newsletter once the next issue goes live. time is not our friend at the moment! follow us on twitter (@ShadowsMagazine) or like our Facebook page for updates. Thanks for reading! 🙂


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