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SHADOWS OF YOUR MIND is an online bi-monthly magazine dedicated to the topics of alternative research, conspiracy, the paranormal and ufology. The title refers to the dark hidden corners of the mind where there is a subconscious recognition of suppressed knowledge and a desire to know the truth.

The aim of the magazine is to act as a starting point for anybody looking to further their knowledge about topics regarded as offbeat and ‘weird’ e.g. UFOs and extra-terrestrial contact, the Secret Space Program, ancient civilisations and alternative history etc… These are all topics spoken about quite freely within the general public and is a huge untapped resource for the advertising we are attracting.

With the popularity of tv programmes such as Ancient Aliens and Ghost Adventures and radio shows like Coast to Coast AM and Fade To Black, there has never been a better time to access the information at which the mainstream media continues to roll its eyes and dismisses as tinfoil hat theories.

There has been an awakening worldwide and an acknowledgment that what we are told by the powers that be – whether Government, media or academia – is not necessarily the truth. There is a certain degree of censorship in relation to knowledge and human history. This is why Shadows Of Your Mind intends, not to preach, but to inform, to act as a catalyst for further personal investigation.


Each issue the magazine features:

  • Interviews with leading researchers and personalities of the alternative scene.
  • In-depth features on topics ranging from ancient history to ufology and the paranormal to cryptozoology.
  • Interactive elements within each feature linking to YouTube videos, online documentatires, websites, radio interviews and photo galleries for an enhanced reader experience.
  • Clear, crisp design for clarity and easy reading.
  • Accessible on most tablets and mobile smartphones.
  • Interactive adverts which include links to your social media accounts, website and email contact details.
  • Growing audience and FREE access to previous issues means the readership expands exponentially and exposure is permanent.


Launch Date: 10th November 2017

Readership: 11,500+

Distribution: Global

Demographic: Over 54% of readers are based in the USA and Canada, with 27.5% in the UK and Ireland and a wide range of readers from the rest of the world.

Endorsements: We have had glowing reviews of the magazine from well known researchers in the alternative community and have a reputation of being professional and honest, and treating our interviewees with respect.

We were a media partner for Contact In The Desert 2018 and have also teamed up with the Awakening UFO Conference 2019 in the UK.

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There has never been a better time to reach out to a new and global intelligent and curious audience with such varied areas of interest.

We are offering a range of affordable and value for money packages from which you can choose to best suit your needs. Compared to print magazines we don’t have a bloated editorial team or high print and distribution costs so we can keep our prices low to give you the best value we can.

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