Irish Flood Myths

Enjoy this extra bit from Barry Fitzgerald as we discuss flood myths in Ireland.



SOYM: Have you ever seen any records of flood myths from Ireland?

BF: Going through the manuscripts, I don’t recall anything like that. Funnily enough, recently there was mention of a comet in 562AD and 536AD, which say the skies darkened for 18 months. But it’s funny that you should mention this flood aspect, because there was research that was being done by a university in Adelaide, Australia and what they wanted to see the influence of DNA in all the different tribes throughout Europe and, of course, the East that were having an influence within our own present-day DNA. They were very successful in what they did, however the people that built the chambers – who we would expect to be in our DNA – are not there, and they can’t understand why. Something happened about 2600BC when, suddenly, they disappeared. 

Now, we do have their remains and things like that, of course; I’m not saying that suddenly this race literally disappeared –  we do have their skeletal remains – but they’re not part of our DNA and there’s a huge mystery about this now. The Australians are getting knee-deep into the possible reasons why there was this sudden shift in our DNA.

SOYM: That sounds kind of familiar along the lines of reported ET intervention around that time. Isn’t that the period when the Egyptian civilisation suddenly exploded?

BF: That’s correct, yes.

SOYM: Could it be tied into the legend of Hy-Brasil?

BF: Well, Hy-Brasil was one of those legends that we wanted to look at. The Irish Geological Society conducted a scan of the Porcupine Ridge, which runs along our west coast on the Atlantic Ocean. Looking at the old maps that displayed Hy-Brasil and also, I should add, another island that’s not readily talked about called Demar that appeared on maps along with Hy-Brasil. Now, looking at this scan taken about three years ago,  suddenly there are two things on the ocean bed that are strategically placed… that are remarkably similar to Hy-Brasil and Demar and they’re 200 feet under the ocean. So I ended up going to the Irish Geological Society and I spoke to the guys there. I said: “Look, you did the scan and this is what you recorded. I have a copy of the scan here.’ And they said: ‘What’s that?’ pointing to what the old map, of course, said was Hy-Brasil. I explained what I was doing and everything else, and I was curious to know, if this was an island, how did they know that was there, 200 feet under the ocean? They said that it was probably just a coral mound. And I said: ‘Hold on a second, there… you said ‘probably’…’ And I asked if there was anyone else there who could give another opinion to back this up, and another person came out and said: ‘It’s probably just an underwater volcano’. So, we’d gone from a coral mount to an underwater volcano under the ethos of ‘probably’.

So, what I can say is that they do match the old maps. So there is something there that would warrant more investigation and, who knows, maybe in the next year or so I can be out in the Atlantic Ocean on an Irish ship sending down a submersible, because I have no intention of going down there personally!

SOYM: 200ft? Don’t blame you. What’s the furthest depth you’ve dived?

BF: Oh my goodness, ten meters and that was enough for me!

SOYM: There was a map that contained an island taken from the voyage of St Brendan. Again, it doesn’t appear on any modern maps

BF: Yeah. I think the last mentions of Hy-Brasil on maps was The Rock, which was… I think 1864, something like that, that said there was something that was seen out there, but nothing has been ever seen since.

SOYM: So it could be like an Atlantean Krakatoa…

BF: It could well be! All I can say is, what I saw on the maps matched the ancient maps. So there is something there that does warrant a little bit more investigation. As I say, the old legends… there tends to be a spark in there and I’m very curious to know how they knew that those possible mounds, if that’s what they were referring to… how did they know they were there? They’re so far down in the ocean. Is it possible that there was a landslip and suddenly that part went under the water? The experts told me that that particular region has been stable for thousands of years, and within the following week we got a 2.5 earthquake under the same area. And I thought: ‘Well, it’s not so stable now!’ It was interesting that there is something there that does seem to indicate a connection to the old stories of Hy-Brasil.


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Patrick DeHaan

We couldn’t fit all of our interview with Patrick into the magazine so here’s an extra section where we discussed the Annunaki and the origins of mankind.


SOYM: Something that you’ve talked about in your book regarding the cradle of humanity being in the northwestern part of South Africa. Where the original humans were first created as a slave species to mine gold for the Annunaki.

PD: Well that’s interesting you say slave species, I’ve been queried about that by readers of my website and my guides have jumped in to say ‘no, not slaves’. Bear in mind slaves means someone that already has an established life doing whatever that is and they are seized, captured. against their own will and forced to do something else someplace else. That’s not what happened at all.

The first humanoids that were created were not forced to do things. First of all because they were physically very strong So for them a lot of the necessary work was similar to the effort required for housework. More than that the reason they were created, and is explained in my book, was the great difficulty that the alien extraterrestrial visitors had in working in the Earth’s environment. The combination of the atmospheric gases, temperature, the humidity, the sunlight, the daylight cycles, over a fairly short period of time say several days, it would make it extremely difficult for them to do the work without destroying the geography and the landscape. They certainly could have used technology and done probably the equivalent of open pit mining or worse and done real permanent lasting damage and they knew that they should not and could not do that and didn’t want to. So they took what they thought was an easy route.

They were very good at science and lab work involving genetic modification or DNA modification. They were able to manipulate the DNA structure, the atomic structure of the DNA. We know what DNA is and we know the very large atomic structure involved in a gene or a chromosome. We know how to mix those but we don’t know how to alter the atomic structure to change our actual DNA, they did.

And their whole idea was to create a being that had the DNA characteristics. In other words take the DNA from beings that already existed on Earth that had those traits, and create a new being that would be their creation that would be happy to be part of the society they created to do this work, that could thrive in the Earth environment.

The problem was there was a limited amount of work that needed to be done to extract all the gold but then what? What happens to these living beings you create? It’s the same thing if you find an abandoned puppy. Maybe a couple of months later you find another abandoned puppy and you raise them and then they have a litter and now you’ve got six dogs. What do you do? Do you just abandon them to starve on the street?

Well multiply this across a large number of beings that have been created hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them in different areas by the alien extraterrestrial visitors. These humanoids, these living beings, sentient and smart albeit not at the level of intelligence that we have today. They weren’t encouraged to develop critical thinking. But they were still living beings, who were very much looked after protected by the alien extraterrestrial creators that brought them about. And they were treated very well. But how could they survive in the environment of Africa – which has not changed all that much in a hundred thousand years? Look at the predator species and the environment there; what’s going to happen to people that don’t have the means to take care of themselves?

SOYM: So as the species multiplied, they would have been sent off to the other areas of the Earth as well where there were other tracts of gold that could be mined?

PD: Yes. All over Africa initially and then after that into what’s now Europe.

SOYM: And by extension South America because the Incans and the Aztecs had a fair bit of gold too?

PD: That was much later. that was residual gold. the Incas and the Aztecs for example and also the Egyptians those civilizations were begun by refugees fleeing the destruction of Atlantis. That was approximately 20,000 years ago. Humans have been on Earth about 100,000 years. The gold mining period, the purpose for which they were created, lasted maybe three decades and then pretty much the gold mining was done to the extent and to the satisfaction of those visitors that wanted to do it. By that time their obviously well informed superiors back in their home system on the other side of the Galaxy were very unhappy with them for doing that because they knew that this solved an initial problem but that created an ongoing obligation. What could they do? Well they came back over here and contacted all of the other alien extraterrestrial civilizations in our neighbouring ‘star cluster’ and told them what they’d done. These other races knew that already, they were observing and watching. They were very aware of it.

This is an issue for many people interested in this topic, it often rattles them a little bit that extraterrestrials were coming here. All of life on Earth has been seeded going back millions of years by alien extraterrestrials. Earth is billions of years old just as we say it is. And for the vast majority of the existence of the planet Earth there was no appreciable life on the surface it couldn’t survive until it solidified and cooled down. First plant life appeared and then animal life in smaller and in larger forms was seeded here by many alien extraterrestrial visitors mostly by the ones in our star cluster in the immediate area. So they certainly could not say to another alien extraterrestrial civilization, ‘you can’t go and create life on Earth even though we have’.

So the solution was to contact all the other races in the area who very generously and graciously offered to help train and upgrade the DNA and many of them said ‘Okay well if you want this new race that you’ve created to survive you’ll have to do X Y and Z. We will all contribute very small but key important components of our DNA so that we can quote unquote upgrade these beings that you’ve created so that their subsequent generations will be more capable of learning critical thinking cognitive skills. Maybe they should be a little bit smaller, modify the skull shape a little bit, but mostly the inherent behaviour characteristics and improve the ability to adapt and learn. And what has resulted is migrations of humans all over Earth which have produced all the different body types and the different racial characteristics that we see today. But these differences are all the result of migration and environmental factors on Earth, rather than DNA tinkering.


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Teresa Yanaros


Around the spring of 2018, Teresa posted an article on her website and uploaded a companion video describing an interesting encounter where she was invited by a female entity to travel to, and possibly become a permanent resident of ‘Inner Earth’. The positive reaction to her post was something she hadn’t expected but was it merely a dream or something else, like an out of body experience?

“Good question! It’s sort of like that was a dream but it did seem very real, a really realistic dream – possibly. You could probably argue that it was a lucid dream because I had a decision to make. This woman asked me if I would go to the earth with her and I did have an option to say yes or no. When you’re in a dream state and you have options, and you are able to make decisions based on your environment, that is a tenet of lucidity.”

“It’s kind of funny because that happened to me out of the blue, literally, like so out of left field. I was not prepared for it at all. I didn’t have any kind of framework to understand the implications or anything. I hadn’t realised that there was a whole community of people that had been researching inner earth concepts for a really long time. I knew that it was a ‘thing’ that people researched, but I didn’t know how impactful me publishing that experience was going to be. I had no idea that so many people cared about the Inner Earth!”

“If had I known the breadth of the focus and interest that people have in the Inner Earth, I might have handled that situation differently. It was literally like complete cognitive dissonance to me, when she asked me ‘Will you go to the Inner Earth with me?’ I was kind of reeling. If I’d had more information before I might have been more prepared and I would’ve been able to be on my toes and ask for more questions in that state.”



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The Mandela Effect – Part 2

From false engagements to general ignorance and dodgy hearing

There’s one reason why this second part of my investigation into the Monroe Effect is my favourite… after this is finished I’ll never have to write about the accursed topic again! I’m done. The more I looked into it the more I found it incredulous that so many people insist their memories are perfect and that it’s the rest of the world that’s out of kilter. All because of one throw away comment by a historically ignorant ‘paranormal consultant’ back in 2010 who thought Marilyn Monroe had been sitting in the car next to JFK in Dallas when he was shot by Donald Duck. Clueless numpties who can’t accept the fact that human mind is infallible, theirs especially. But how can I be so sure/ignorant/arrogant? (*delete as appropriate). Why? Because I live in the real world, not one of conspiratorial fantasy in which a bad hypothesis is promoted by people who really should know better, especially those in the public forum.

Before I get to the real meaty bits though I’m going to relate to you a story, an incident in which faith in my own mind was slightly shaken until rationality resumed. About a year ago I had been invited on the christmas works do by a company I did some freelance writing for and I’ll be honest I was a couple of sheets to the wind at the time when I overheard one of the sales team saying she’d just got engaged after her boyfriend had proposed to her in the city of romantic clichés, Paris. Well, as I happened to glance over I saw a couple of her colleagues checking out the ring on her finger, at least I thought I did. Anyway, fast forward a couple of months and I happen to bump into her while I’m dropping something off at their office and I notice there’s now, no ring on her finger. “You’re not wearing your ring,” I said “did you split up or something?” aye, tact has never been my strongest characteristic.


“What are you talking about?” she replied, and I told her how I’d seen her flashing her sparkle around at Christmas. “No way, it’d take a lot more than a trip to Paris to get a ring on this finger, besides I’m not seeing anyone, haven’t for a while now.” As she walked away a horrible thought hit me, had the universe just punked me for saying the Mandela Effect was gash? It took a while to get my head around it but when I analysed my original memories properly I found the answer. I was not entirely sober having had a few drinks before I turned up to the party, I’d only heard a brief snippet of conversation which had been taken out of context, I didn’t actually see any ring myself just some curious workmates, nor did I congratulate her on the night, or speak to her. And when I quizzed the two colleagues when I next saw them, it turned out they were only checking out her new nail decorations such is the trend these days. Looking back perhaps I shouldn’t have laughed quite as loud as I did. So with that hefty weight off of my mind you can see why it’s easy for people to jump to conclusions without actually giving it some proper thought.

Words by Doug McKay

For the full article click here.

Hunt For The Skinwalker Pt 2

We got in touch with the man who started it all

We couldn’t end an article about Skinwalker Ranch without speaking to the man who was jointly responsible for bringing it to the general public’s attention. Taking a break from unravelling the various threads of the Pentagon UFO debate, among other things, with his ‘I-Team’ from LasVegasNow, investigative reporter George Knapp kindly took time out to answer a few of our questions.

SOYM: Has the atmosphere around the Ranch changed and evolved since your first visits there?

George Knapp: The most obvious change involves security. In 1996, around the time when the Ranch changed ownership, there were a couple of newspaper stories published which mentioned UFO sightings and animal mutilations but those reports included very little about the most bizarre, truly disturbing of events that had occurred during the 20 months when the “Gormans” lived there. And of course, there was no mention of the even stranger events that had not yet occurred. It wasn’t until my articles in 2003 that the public learned about the much broader scope of inexplicable activity, and that is when problems erupted with trespassers and vandals and assorted nincompoops. After the book Hunt For The Skinwalker was published in 2005, things really hit the fan.

Intruders not only increased in number but also grew bolder and more reckless in the kinds of things they would do on the property. Ever since then, it’s been necessary to maintain a strong and visible security presence on the Ranch, and I think that has caused a backlash of sorts. It has affected the level and types of unexplained activity there. The one and only thing we have learned for sure about the Ranch is that it is interactive. It seems to respond to outside stimuli in unpredictable ways. It revealed itself to the NIDS team for the first few years, showed them some amazing and befuddling things, then went underground. Fewer and fewer incidents were reported, and very few were the kind of thing that could be investigated to any degree. The Ranch was essentially dormant for a few years.


To read the rest of this interview click here.

Hunt For The Skinwalker Pt 1

Searching for the needle in the paranormal haystack

It’s the height of conference season when we catch up with Jeremy Corbell. He’s just returned from the McMenamins UFO Fest in Oregon with the legendary George Knapp to talk about his new film Hunt For The Skinwalker. We’ve managed to catch him in his Northern California home in between grabbing a bite to eat and changing his socks, before he heads out to the Utah UFO Fest in Cedar City to do it all again. Riding high on the success of his last picture, Patient Seventeen Corbell is highly energised about this new film, a story at least 25 years in the making.

Skinwalker Ranch, for those of you who don’t know, first came into the public consciousness in 2005 following the release of the book Hunt For The Skinwalker by the aforementioned George Knapp and co-written with Dr Colm Kelleher, a bio chemist currently affiliated with Tom Delonge’s To The Stars Academy of Arts & Sciences. The book which “raises the hair on the back of your neck” according to Corbell, related the unsettling experiences of the ‘Gorman’ family who had bought a Ranch near the town of Fort Duschene, Utah. From the moment the family moved in they realised there was something extraordinary about the property.


Early on in their tenure they had a close encounter with an unnaturally large grey wolf on the property; lights in the sky and poltergeist activity were relatively ‘mundane’ occurrences in comparison and we’d encourage you to get hold of the book – if you haven’t already – to get fully acquainted with the often terrifying encounters the Gorman family experienced, as well as the scientific studies conducted after Robert Bigelow had bought it off the Gormans, but more on that later.

Following the purchase of the Ranch, the previous owner ‘Tom Gorman’, who had had his life turned upside down for 22 months, decided to stay on at the Ranch in almost a caretaker capacity while the rest of his family moved away. “He stayed on for years with the NIDS team. The family had left the Ranch in fear, and it’s hard to express to people what that is like – it’s hard to understand for myself – and it followed them…” The ‘It’ in question is not a flame-haired clown carrying a red balloon but an unknown tall shadowy physical entity. “They moved to two different states to try and shake this thing. Maybe there’s a part of them that wants to tell their story at some point… but right now, not so much. It continued to plague them, as it did the DIA agents who came to the Ranch.”


To read the full interview click here.

Philip Mantle

The UFO writer, researcher and publisher on exposing hoax videos, and close encounters

I got involved in this subject a long time ago. As a lad I was always interested in the paranormal. It wasn’t until I returned to the UK from working in Germany for a year that my interest really started to grow. My aunt, who lived round the corner from us, brought me the local newspaper one day and it had a little advert in it for the Yorkshire UFO Society who were having meetings, in nearby Leeds.

We got on the bus and found this place, and it had been set up by brothers Mark and Graham Birdsall who of course went on to publish and edit the hugely successful UFO Magazine (UK). In the audience were the likes of Tony Dodd, Trevor Feal, Greg Townsend, all names that probably mean nothing to folks now. But I was hooked. Mark and Graham did a presentation relating some sightings in and around Yorkshire and you know that was it, I was on board and it’s been in my blood since that day.

I then began organising conferences with Mark and Graham after that. We used to have our meetings in a small room we hired upstairs in Centenary House in Leeds. From where we started a magazine called The UFOS Journal. We used to collate it by hand and staple it together and mail it out, and we thought this was fantastic – of course nowadays it’s a totally different process. Graham, Mark and Tony went on to publish UFO Magazine which at it’s height was selling over 35,000 thousand copies per issue. It was a sad day when Graham died (September, 2003) and the magazine closed not long after, but we had lots of happy times you know, and I was very pleased for their success. Graham and the others had put a lot of their time and energy into it, and fortunately it paid off for them.

By the time it launched though I had left the Yorkshire UFO society and had joined BUFORA. I was there nearly ten years and during that time I was their press officer I served as Conference organiser and put on some really large events, and for three years I was their Director of Investigations. I was also part of MUFON for a number of years, as their representative for England, when Walter Andrus was in charge. I started out knowing very little about the subject of UFOs and I still don’t today!


To read the full interview click here

Marie Kayali

A lifetime of contact, implants and the dark side of the UK UFO community

Marie has been through a lot in the past year, since she decided to take back control of her life from certain people who have been, let’s just say, making her life a misery. She’s been the victim of an online hate campaign because of what she’s been revealing about members of the UK UFO community and the way they go about their business. She’s been accused of being mentally ill, schizophrenic, a bold-faced liar, working for various agencies and a victim of MK Ultra. These particular characters will be revealed later. Why? Well because we’re all about uncovering the truth. But as we can already hear their cheerleaders and partizans sharpening their pom-poms and reinforcing their keyboards we’ll start at the beginning of Marie’s story.

Her experiences started when she was a young child growing up in Ireland. “I kept seeing these people coming out of the walls and I’d be screaming and run downstairs to tell my mother. She told me I was being silly, and actually called the doctor a couple of times, thinking I had measles or a fever because I’d always have high temperatures afterwards. There was never anything wrong with me though.” We’re told this was a regular occurrence until Marie was around 8 years old and that she had always known they were aliens, rather than ghosts or other Irish nightmare creatures such as the Sídhe or the Fae.


As we speak with Marie and gotten accustomed to her quickfire Irish brogue, we’re taken with her sharp-as-tacks memory, her honesty and attention to detail as she recalls the next major life-altering event. “That would have been when we moved over from Ireland. I’d met my first boyfriend and I was staying over at his house as his mother and father were away. We were about 18 at the time, and on this particular night I woke up to all this commotion out in the hallway, and I remember seeing the clock on a chest at the bottom of the bed, saying 3am. We’d been sleeping in the spare room because he was decorating his bedroom at the time. But these chrome bars of the bed were just shaking and rattling on the floor, and the wardrobe door was banging, and it was just all this noise. I looked over at my boyfriend and he was lying there clutching the crucifix he used to wear, eyes wide open looking at me. He looked petrified as if he’d seen a ghost and was icy cold. Then the noise stopped and I thought it was a poltergeist or some sort of ghost. I told him I was going to go home because my mom lived just up the road and I didn’t want to stay if I wasn’t going to get any sleep. He didn’t want me to leave, he was terrified, shaking and pleading with me not to leave but I told him there was no way I was staying there. So I ran home and told my mom what had happened. I was doing tarot cards with my friends around that time and my mom didn’t like that. She thought I was bringing evil in to the house by messing with tarot cards! She blamed me for all the weird things that used to happen to us, everything, saying it was because I was dabbling in that sort of stuff!”


To read the full interview click here