Patrick DeHaan

We couldn’t fit all of our interview with Patrick into the magazine so here’s an extra section where we discussed the Annunaki and the origins of mankind.


SOYM: Something that you’ve talked about in your book regarding the cradle of humanity being in the northwestern part of South Africa. Where the original humans were first created as a slave species to mine gold for the Annunaki.

PD: Well that’s interesting you say slave species, I’ve been queried about that by readers of my website and my guides have jumped in to say ‘no, not slaves’. Bear in mind slaves means someone that already has an established life doing whatever that is and they are seized, captured. against their own will and forced to do something else someplace else. That’s not what happened at all.

The first humanoids that were created were not forced to do things. First of all because they were physically very strong So for them a lot of the necessary work was similar to the effort required for housework. More than that the reason they were created, and is explained in my book, was the great difficulty that the alien extraterrestrial visitors had in working in the Earth’s environment. The combination of the atmospheric gases, temperature, the humidity, the sunlight, the daylight cycles, over a fairly short period of time say several days, it would make it extremely difficult for them to do the work without destroying the geography and the landscape. They certainly could have used technology and done probably the equivalent of open pit mining or worse and done real permanent lasting damage and they knew that they should not and could not do that and didn’t want to. So they took what they thought was an easy route.

They were very good at science and lab work involving genetic modification or DNA modification. They were able to manipulate the DNA structure, the atomic structure of the DNA. We know what DNA is and we know the very large atomic structure involved in a gene or a chromosome. We know how to mix those but we don’t know how to alter the atomic structure to change our actual DNA, they did.

And their whole idea was to create a being that had the DNA characteristics. In other words take the DNA from beings that already existed on Earth that had those traits, and create a new being that would be their creation that would be happy to be part of the society they created to do this work, that could thrive in the Earth environment.

The problem was there was a limited amount of work that needed to be done to extract all the gold but then what? What happens to these living beings you create? It’s the same thing if you find an abandoned puppy. Maybe a couple of months later you find another abandoned puppy and you raise them and then they have a litter and now you’ve got six dogs. What do you do? Do you just abandon them to starve on the street?

Well multiply this across a large number of beings that have been created hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them in different areas by the alien extraterrestrial visitors. These humanoids, these living beings, sentient and smart albeit not at the level of intelligence that we have today. They weren’t encouraged to develop critical thinking. But they were still living beings, who were very much looked after protected by the alien extraterrestrial creators that brought them about. And they were treated very well. But how could they survive in the environment of Africa – which has not changed all that much in a hundred thousand years? Look at the predator species and the environment there; what’s going to happen to people that don’t have the means to take care of themselves?

SOYM: So as the species multiplied, they would have been sent off to the other areas of the Earth as well where there were other tracts of gold that could be mined?

PD: Yes. All over Africa initially and then after that into what’s now Europe.

SOYM: And by extension South America because the Incans and the Aztecs had a fair bit of gold too?

PD: That was much later. that was residual gold. the Incas and the Aztecs for example and also the Egyptians those civilizations were begun by refugees fleeing the destruction of Atlantis. That was approximately 20,000 years ago. Humans have been on Earth about 100,000 years. The gold mining period, the purpose for which they were created, lasted maybe three decades and then pretty much the gold mining was done to the extent and to the satisfaction of those visitors that wanted to do it. By that time their obviously well informed superiors back in their home system on the other side of the Galaxy were very unhappy with them for doing that because they knew that this solved an initial problem but that created an ongoing obligation. What could they do? Well they came back over here and contacted all of the other alien extraterrestrial civilizations in our neighbouring ‘star cluster’ and told them what they’d done. These other races knew that already, they were observing and watching. They were very aware of it.

This is an issue for many people interested in this topic, it often rattles them a little bit that extraterrestrials were coming here. All of life on Earth has been seeded going back millions of years by alien extraterrestrials. Earth is billions of years old just as we say it is. And for the vast majority of the existence of the planet Earth there was no appreciable life on the surface it couldn’t survive until it solidified and cooled down. First plant life appeared and then animal life in smaller and in larger forms was seeded here by many alien extraterrestrial visitors mostly by the ones in our star cluster in the immediate area. So they certainly could not say to another alien extraterrestrial civilization, ‘you can’t go and create life on Earth even though we have’.

So the solution was to contact all the other races in the area who very generously and graciously offered to help train and upgrade the DNA and many of them said ‘Okay well if you want this new race that you’ve created to survive you’ll have to do X Y and Z. We will all contribute very small but key important components of our DNA so that we can quote unquote upgrade these beings that you’ve created so that their subsequent generations will be more capable of learning critical thinking cognitive skills. Maybe they should be a little bit smaller, modify the skull shape a little bit, but mostly the inherent behaviour characteristics and improve the ability to adapt and learn. And what has resulted is migrations of humans all over Earth which have produced all the different body types and the different racial characteristics that we see today. But these differences are all the result of migration and environmental factors on Earth, rather than DNA tinkering.


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John DeSouza

It’s true, John DeSouza worked for ‘The Man’. A former FBI Special Agent, he worked for the Bureau for 25 years in counter terrorism, held top secret security clearances and worked in the violent crimes division, not that dissimilar to former MoD man Nick Pope. There is one stark difference though. Whereas Mr Pope nailed his colours to the mast and remains an open-minded sceptical believer in the UFO phenomenon, John DeSouza actively sought out the paranormal side of investigations when all other avenues had been exhausted. This work resulted in a handful of books to date detailing some of the less straight-forward cases the self confessed X-Man encountered during his time with the Bureau, and it’s those cases which have captured the imagination of the alternative community, even if he doesn’t believe E.T. is real – not in a physical sense anyway.

SOYM: You had a UFO experience when you were a child, is that right?

John DeSouza: Oh yes I talk about it in my book The Extradimensionals. When I was about ten years old I had an observation experience. I was with my family in New York City, we were at a party of some kind with hundreds of people, and it was really late at night. Me and a bunch of other little kids found each other and just kind of spilled out into the night at about 1am and we were just playing out in street. Something happened, I fell down and got hurt and the rest of the kids took off as they are prone to do and went back to the party. I was left there alone on the sidewalk just staring up between these two tall buildings. It was a very starry beautiful night and there appeared to be a dark spot where stars should be visible, like a large black ink cloud. And I stared up at that black ink cloud and from the bottom of it came spotlights, well what appeared to be spotlights, and then this old fashioned disk UFO came out from the bottom of that thing and began to approach me. I got hit by a blue-greenish spotlight, coiuld feel it going through me. As I was observing this thing, two young girls appeared on my left and they were screaming and hugging each other looking up at the same thing I was and one of them yelled at me “Little boy run home! The world might be ending!”

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Nick Pope

Nick Pope has been in the UK media a lot recently, talking about conspiracy theories. You can almost sense the tired resignation in the printed words as once more he’s asked about the existence of Nibiru or Planet X by an increasingly unimaginative UK tabloid press. And when he’s not replying to journalist after sniggering journalist trying to make sense of tin-foil hat topics, he can be found embroiled in social media battles debating followers of that great medieval fantasy – flat earth theory – when he’s not being mistaken for a Premier League goalkeeper anyway.

Nick Pope 2

Now a resident of the US state of Arizona, Nick Pope left the MOD in 2006 after a distinguished service spanning over two decades. But in 1993, a couple of years into a new post, the advent of a certain UFO and conspiracy-themed tv-show suddenly propelled Nick in to the media spotlight. The unexpected popularity of The X-Files saw the MoD inundated with requests for information regarding whether UFO files existed in their archives. Pope was given the unofficial designated role of press liaison which subsequently earned him the public nickname ‘the real Fox Mulder’. We spoke to Nick about his MoD career, his writing and his contribution to the release of the UK’s UFO files into the public.

SOYM: When did you first join the MoD?

Nick Pope: I joined the Ministry of Defence in 1985 and served there for 21 years, in a number of different postings, at increasingly senior grades as my career progressed. I was assigned to the MoD’s UFO project in 1991 and held this position until 1994, when I was promoted to the next grade up. Before being assigned to this position I had no interest in UFOs and no particular beliefs on the subject. To me, it was just another government job – albeit a bizarre and fascinating one!

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The Welsh Triangle

David Davies was just your average pupil at Broad Haven Primary School, but on 4th February 1977, while out playing football in the school field, a glint of silver in the nearby trees caught his eye and caused him to stop and watch. He described seeing a cigar shaped craft rising then descending behind some nearby trees. He wasn’t the only one either, other play mates also saw the object but by the time one of them had run in to the school to fetch a teacher, it had gone. The headmaster at the time, Ralph Llewellyn, sat the children down inside and under exam conditions, asked them to draw what they had seen. Each picture showed a variation of a semi-elliptical craft with a red flashing light on top of a small raised dome, while some pictures even had a silver-suited occupant descending from the craft.

Estimates of the size averaged around 45ft long. The story made the national news and even the famous John Craven’s Newsround a popular children’s television programme. Hugh Turnbull of the local Western Telegraph was first on the scene to talk to the pupils along with local vet Randall James Pugh who knew some of the children. They also took a look at the area where the children had said the craft had landed but the ground was extremely muddy and there was no way of distinguishing if anything had landed. They did notice however that a nearby telegraph pole had been damaged near the top, the metal cross-T-piece bent out of shape. Sceptics claimed that the children had just seen a helicopter or a chrome tanker from the local sewage plant not far from the school, however upon checking the plant said no tankers arrived that day. Turnbull then justified that by remarking that “these are children from a farming background, they know what a tanker looks like.” One of the school teachers, Mrs Morgan, disclosed that she too had seen the craft out of the window followed by a little whirlwind of dust that came across the playground as it ascended.

We got in touch with Peter Paget, author of the book The Welsh Triangle, who spent a lot of time in the area following the incident for further information. He spoke to children at the school in the playing field, 200 yards from where the craft had been spotted. David Davies, Michael Webb, Tudor Jones, Paul Williams, David Ward, Philip Rees and Shaun Garrison all recalled seeing a silvery coloured disc with an occupant holding some sort of camera-sized object. Headmaster Llewellyn told Peter that although personally he was sceptical of such craft himself there was no reason to believe that the children had conspired to produce a “sustained, sophisticated hoax”. As it transpired it wasn’t the only sighting in the area as Peter soon found out.

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