Out Of Body Experiences

We’ve all had those dreams that give us the feeling of being just a little too real. You know the ones, you’re running away from a hidden threat, the common flying or falling sensations with a subtle undercurrent of unease attached or you might just be wading through a Salvador Dali painting. But, what if those dreams weren’t strictly dreams? Consider this fact – you may have actually left your physical body and travelled to the astral plane to experience something your are ordinarily unable to accomplish. It’s not that big a stretch of the imagination, not really. Back in August 2016 the Daily Express newspaper in the UK reported on a team of Swedish neuroscientists at the Karolinska Institutet that proved the existence of out of body experiences which you can read here.

Now consider this – what if you were subconsciously accessing past memories? Future memories even, that’s possible? Or perhaps you found a way to unify yourself with the consciousness of one of your  many ‘other selves’? These are among the experiences of veteran OBE’er Preston Dennett. A man who has learned to control the actions of his astral body and can use it to fly above the streets and houses, stretch like Inspector Gadget, permeate solid objects and walk through walls, and even move into other dimensional spaces where he converses with spirit guides, long-dead relatives and higher dimensional entities. It’s all very fascinating so we got in touch with Preston to find out what kind of experiences he’s had, what’s involved in the actual process of leaving your body behind and if anybody, given time, can learn how to quiet their mind enough and go for a wander.

SOYM: What is your background with OBE’s?

Preston Dennett: I began researching OBEs in 1986, following the death of my mother. Intrigued by the idea of going out-of-body, I started by reading all the material I could find and attempting the exercises as outlined in the literature. To my shock, I soon became lucid in the dream-state and began having OBEs. Delighted by my success, I continued until I had many enlightening experiences in the out-of-body state. Today, it is a major part of my spiritual life and has profoundly affected my life in the physical world. I have written a book on the subject, Out-of-Body Exploring: A Beginner’s Approach, and teach workshops on the subject.

SOYM: How would you describe the feeling of your first out of body experience?

PD: I had many confusing pre-lucid, false-awakening dreams before I had my first actual OBE. These including waking up to find myself blind, unable to move and experiencing weird sensations such as twisting or heaviness. I had read about this so I knew I was close. I’ll never forget my first actual experience. I suddenly woke up to find myself standing next to my bed. I realized that I was out-of-body and that my physical body was lying in bed right next to me.

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