Ryan Sprague

It’s been quite the twelve months for screenwriter Ryan Sprague. His book Somewhere In The Skies: A Human Approach To The Alien Phenomenon is a very different beast to the usual UFO abduction books in that, as the title suggests, it focusses on the human aspects. What Ryan did is unique. Rather than stick to the tried and tested, and tired, clinical approach to the abduction phenomena he explored the emotional after-effects on the abductees with astounding and at times heartbreaking effect.

Not content with solely promoting the book though, he decided to launch his own complementary podcast radio show Somewhere In The Skies. Going from strength to strength and having clocked up a further 36 episodes since April at the time of writing, Ryan is primed to be one of the hottest new radio hosts in the alternative community.

SOYM: Let’s start with the book, what was the inspiration that compelled you to write ‘Somewhere In The Skies…’ from a human perspective?

Ryan Sprague: Endless books about UFOs have covered a UFO event, the time it happened, the place, and what the other proposes it may have been. I wanted to do something vastly different and actually contribute to progressing the UFO conversation. So I took a very personal approach. While I related UFO events, I focussed more on the individual having the experience. I wanted to know how the event was perceived by them, and how it affected their life in every way possible. Whatever is happening in our skies, it starts, and in my opinion, ultimately ends with the observer and experiencer. The human aspect of the UFO question should not be ignored, and can lead to some amazing discoveries. And perhaps equally as important; new questions being asked.

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Dave Schrader

Having graced radio airwaves in America for over a decade, whether on his own radio shows or as a regular guest host on Coast To Coast AM, it wouldn’t be unfair to say that Dave Schrader is something of a paranormal nut. With one of the most distinctive radio voices you’ll ever hear, his deep bassy vocals have the power to transfix, hypnotise and downright terrify listeners throughout the year as he recounts tales of the paranormal and other unexplained mysteries.

His current podcast radio show Beyond the Darkness is available online as well as a multi-platform app and is one of the premier paranormal talk shows available (see p49). Guests range from authors of the supernatural, demonologists, historical haunting experts, Bigfoot hunters and extraterrestrial contactees. We spoke to Dave about his paranormal interests and some of his favourite locations.

SOYM: For the benefit of our UK readers could you briefly describe what you feel are your primary interests?

Dave Schrader: I have had the great luxury of being surrounded with the paranormal my whole life, from interactions with the spirit world since an early age to a Bigfoot sighting to an encounter with a UFO in 2006. It is hard to pin down a specific topic I find more exciting or interesting. It seems to vary depending on the week and my mood.

SOYM: How did the original idea for Darkness Radio come about?

DS: My co-host Tim Dennis and I worked together in college radio from 1988-1990 and stayed close. He remained in radio and I went into a world of sales. I wanted to be a radio host since I was around 9-10 years old so it remained a passion and desire for me.

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